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We are a boutique wealth management firm working out of Gig Harbor, Washington. We serve families in Tacoma, Silverdale, Port Orchard, around the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

We provide investments, financial advice, retirement planning, money management, tax-efficient strategies, and estate planning strategies.










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Why Choose Conestoga?

Clients choose and stay with us for our:

  • Straightforward, dependable advice
  • Personal, flexible, best in class solutions
  • Personality paired with experience
  • Fierce advocacy for Future You
  • Great sense of humor

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The Conestoga Wagon

Why it represents our company

  • Symbolizes the pioneering spirit of striving for better
  • People entrusted their hope for a better life to it
  • Carried families safely through unexplored places
  • The most dependable, cutting-edge technology of its time

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