About Conestoga Wealth

Why Conestoga?

To understand Conestoga, we return to 1800. Families on the East Coast journeyed west to discover new lands and wealth, leave political oppression, and find a home where they could provide for their families. They needed transportation capable of carrying everything they owned and everyone they loved safely into an unexplored place—not just west of the Appalachian Mountains, but into the future.

The Conestoga wagon was the most dependable, cutting-edge, cost-effective technology available for the journey. People entrusted their hopes for a better life to the Conestoga wagon.

Flash forward to 2010. We realized that people still need to entrust someone with their dream for a better life. We wanted to help navigate families to prosperous lives and financial security; we wanted to be dependable. That meant providing personalized, meaningful advice that helps people reach financial success.

Today, our team proudly offers more than 100 years of expertise helping clients navigate their career, retirement, and legacy. Combining the elite knowledge from several large firms with the concierge-level service of a small business, Conestoga Wealth Partners is part of a new era of financial service firms committed to providing honest advice and solutions that are in the best interest of clients. At Conestoga, it is entirely, unconditionally about you. We are at your service.

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